Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Have you got...

I'm working my way through a course at the Seminary called "Organizational Leadership." Basically, we're asked to take "secular" (what a funny designation --- ALL truth is God's truth!) books written on leaders and baptize those ideas into ministry settings. It's not as bad as it sounds --- in fact, I love the class! Moving on...

"Have you got vision?" That's the question o' the day when it comes to being an effective leader. Can you see beyond today to what could be? I was trying to think how that translates into ministry. Vision, yes, to "grow" a ministry by God's grace. Vision, yes, to plan for the future and prepare others who come after to take up the reins. But what about spiritual vision? I've done a bit o' studying on the Apostle Paul's metaphorical use of running and athletics. Paul nails "vision" in the spiritual sense --- he admonishes believers to fix their eyes on the goal post, to set their sights on Jesus Christ and run like there's no tomorrow!

Have I got that kind of vision --- spiritual TUNNEL vision, in a sense --- where the only thing I focus on is Christ and His "goals" for my life? That doesn't mean I don't see what's going on around me and in no way suggests I shut myself up in a monastery away from the world and meditate (although, at points in life, that isn't such a bad idea --- getting away to just "be" with God). Rather, I am very much to be involved in this world and the interests of it, yet in all things Christ ought to color my vision, define my path, and be the pattern for my actions.

Hmm...have you caught the vision?


  1. Valerie! you need to get a Xanga too! :-p hahaha my username is amoeba_4_god :)
    check it out!
    and i want to hear about dr. watson n the kid, yo!
    : )

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  3. You'll have to wait 'til Dr. Watson and the Kid hits the NYT Best Seller's list...