Friday, August 05, 2005

The beauty of random thoughts...

...that are never truly random. :o) For your reading pleasure, I present the first online installment of "Random Thoughts o' the Day with V" (henceforth referenced as "RT o' TDV") --- enjoy....

  1. "Snow White & the 8 Dwarfs" (What!? How could you miss that one??? But, oh the random thought [well, verbal slip-up] that brought about the creation of an 8th dwarf --- he's the reason Snow White left the cottage!)
  2. "Wadahbah" (a minor creation from the crevices of my oft-confusing mind which simply expresses extreme frustration and is most typically accompanied by a *sigh.*)
  3. "llamada231" (an ode to Spanish 4 -- and the extent of my Espanol knowledgo -- also the key to unlocking many online mysteries via a cryptic messaging medium)
  4. "The Misadventures of Dr. Watson and the Kid" (oh no, I can't discuss that --- it's not in print yet!)
  5. "Jamanada" (my most-missed MSU hard...visit Beaner's often....and find a job that pays you more than $8-a-ride-to-drive-your-prof-to-school 'cause I want to swim in the hot tub and I can't do that if you get evicted)
  6. And my favorite: "Gracinator" "Gracie Lou Freebush" "Grace-suella" and "Gracerino" (for the almost-love-of-my-life, Gracie, the "stupid-looking" dog -- don't listen to him, Gracie. Any man who runs around in spandex at 65 has no business telling others they look stupid....)

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