Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Catching up...

Hmm...I promised a Zambia update with pictures, but I forgot that in between now and my return from Africa was this strange thing we call "a season of holidays" and it's not done yet. My birthday is coming up -- January 21 -- don't forget to celebrate my personal dawning of a quarter century. Uh huh, that's right -- ME, 25!!! :o) I'm thinking the novelty of birthdays ought to wear off about the time I hit 80 or so, but for now I'm basking in the giddiness of the event (and I even know of an early present: Dan is so sweet -- he got reservations ALREADY [for those who know him or me, we're not exactly the day-planner types] at Shang Hai Ichiban, the Japanese Hibatchi grill place on 29th/Broadmore -- sweet!!! It's so good and SO different -- try it if you haven't already, but definitely get reservations for the Hibachi side or you'll be disappointed and have to eat Chinese.). Yes, that was a long aside -- so long in fact that I continued it on down at the bottom. Check out their menu -- it's worth at least one visit in your lifetime, but go with "game-y" folks who'll make it fun and are willing to do anything, even sit next to chain-drinking-saki men who go to the bathroom 6 times during one meal. Ah, the memories!

Zambia updates will come -- it's been over a month since my trip and everything is still mostly clear in my mind. I'm working on a DVD of our video clips and pictures -- not as good as I'd like it to be at this point, so no public viewings. But when I get it done I'll definitely be willing to share with any who want to see it. :o) Currently I'm prepping for another semester of school and actually finishing up work associated with LAST semester. :o) I've been told I'm the "exception" to the rules and I guess there are days when I really believe it. My profs have been so understanding and flexible about everything -- what a blessing from God, but one that I need to make better use of.

Anything else unusual? Ah, yes... something you can pray about for me. I was for about 4 years a Big Sister with BB/BS through D.A. Blogett Children's Services. My little sister Emily was 8 years old when we were matched and just celebrated her 13th birthday this past August. We actually hadn't spoken since January of this last year (a year ago -- can you believe it??) and our file was closed with BB/BS because they said the match was a success and we could consider it concluded for whatever reasons, etc. Basically, Emily had reached a point where she was going into upper levels in school and wasn't as interested in BB/BS as before, her family situation had improved, and our lives had started to deverge instead of converge. :o) Long story short, we were both getting busy and one day a week wasn't happening as regularly as it should and the interest on both parts was waining. All that to say, while I was in Africa Emily called my cell phone out of the blue and left me a voicemail. Since then I've seen her twice and have gotten caught up with the family and all. My struggle is that I don't have a lot of time and I don't know if I can commit, again, to seeing her on a weekly basis. I'm not sure what to do about all of this because I can't believe that this is merely chance -- that she just happened to call -- I know that God was in it and His hand is all too obvious. So, if you think about it, would you pray for me and that relationship there? I want to be a good friend to Emily but I also have so many other branding irons in the fire. I don't know how to best divide my time -- I know people are important, but I also have family, school, church, relationships, etc. that I've invested myself in. What to do? Who to give the short end of whatever to? Do I have to? Can I manage it all? Sometimes I wonder..... :o)

Hey, all for now -- I'd like to say "More to come" but I'll leave that up to the One above. If He gives me more time, I'll give you something more too. :o) Off and usual.

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