Thursday, January 19, 2006


Last night was quite the eventful (and traumatic) night for me:

I was on my way to church and ended up hitting a patch of ice while turning into a driveway......thus successfully sliding into a gate, ripping my passenger side mirror off, denting the front sidewall of my Altima, smearing the front side of my car with paint, and creating a puckered crack in my bumper that will no doubt necessitate massive costs for replacement. And, to top it all off, the gate was the gate at the back entrance of WCBC. Yes, the Pettis entrance will never be the same, for me or anyone eles.

My dad called one of the pastors today and let them know what I had done (strange, both found it immensely humorous -- I did not) -- I didn't know who to tell last night at church becasue Joe had had surgery Monday on his knee and he would've been my obvious choice. And I was in such a frenzy about my car and the gate that dad said, "Go home," so I did. When I got home I cried 'cause I then saw plainly the full extent of the damage done. Yikes and wowsers! Dad figures a new bumper will cost the upperside of $3,000!! More sadness....

And he kept laughing at me, saying dumb things like, "Pride cometh before a fall" and re-enacting my horrendous evening in the living room just because he had an audience (hey, I still love my dad...). PCBaF nothing! I wasn't prideful about my no-accident track record -- I was pleased with it. 11 years of driving and I've never been the cause of an accident -- is it wrong to be happy about that?? I think not! :o) Oh well, he's right -- it's just a car, but it was a "new to me" car for 3 weeks now -- and it's MY car! I shall survive...but just barely. :o)

I know there are worse things that can happen to us and I am thankful God kept me safe. Just sad 'cause now I have to find a repair specialist, get an estimate, and live without a vehicle for a couple weeks. Look on the bright side -- I'll get to meet LOTS of people along the way and who knows, maybe God will give me opportunities there. We shall see... :o)


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  1. AH! I am so glad you are okay and it was just a gate! I remember once I hit a car in the high school parking lot and I was on the edge of tears all day long at school! Then Mr High came into Bible and announced in front of the whole class that Mr Veldt wanted to see me after class hour, I'm surprised I didn't start bawling right then, I held it in till I got into his office;) haha it was quite a traumatic day for my sensitive little self:) It'll all work out, don't worry...kinda stinks that it was your brand spankin' new car!