Wednesday, August 09, 2006

::: Back in Black :::

...not really, but I couldn't just say "Back" and leave you hanging.... Actually, today is blue and white stripes ---- as in HAPPY STRIPES DAY!!!!!! A worthy holiday to celebrate, I often invoke it when I'm bored. In the same vein as your UNbirthday holidays, just with a different name.

I just returned from an 11-day camping expedition with my parents. Yes, at the ripe old age of 25 I am not only living with my parents, but I am spending my vacation with them too. :o) And, I enjoyed every last minute of it! I am so blessed to have the folks I do --- and I love them so very much. Don't misunderstand....we're not connected at the hip, but we are at the heart. I have learned so much from my parents about life, love, commitment, hard work, faithfulness, and what's really important in life: God. What a privilege it has been to be raised by the father and mother God chose to give me. I can't shudder to think where I'd be without them, 'cause without them, I wouldn't be!

We put 2,500 miles between us and a week ago Friday, touring the UP and all our old haunts: the Porkies, Copper Harbor, Muinising & Picture Rocks, Fayette, Marquette, Indian Lake, Kitchi-ti-kipi, Baraga, the Black River, and Tahquamenon Falls, to name just a few places. What can I say, when you "vacation" with my mom, you rarely stay in one spot. Still, it was neat to be able to spend the time with my folks and enjoy what likely will be my last "Hulbert" camping trip. Dad kept saying, "This is your last one...." the whole week until I kidded back that I wasn't dying, just getting married. :o) Then he started elaborating on all the "fun" I was going to have tent camping with Dan 'cause Dan says we Hulberts don't "camp," we RV and that doesn't count. Little does he know, eh?? ;o)

Ah, off to cover phones!

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  1. haha I'm glad you had such a great trip with the padres! I was wondering where you had been lately, that explains it! Have a great weekend!!