Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Giant waves of rumbly-tumbly excitement
Instantly and shamelessly
Demonstrated through quivering of hands and
Drooling of, well, drool while
Yodeling nonsensical, well, nonsense!

Not quite, but giddy is one of those feeling I get now and then, and it just makes me laugh! I try to describe it to Dan and he just says I'm cute. Cute?!?! I'm GIDDY! Like when I drove by a pick-up camper that in all truth is likely too expensive, tracked down the old man who owned it, took a walking, guided tour through all wonderful 14' of it, thanked him while trying to hide my excitement, and immediately got on the phone with shakey hands, tumbling words, and hiccups I was so giddy just to tell Dan what I found. I literally was shaking like a leaf I was so excited!!! Uh huh....that giddy....over a $4000 truck camper.

C'mon, admit it---you've been there (only I'll bet my old man was more tan than yours). :o)

1 comment:

  1. haha that's funny:-) Or should I say, "cute" ;)