Friday, August 18, 2006

Huh...imagine that:

IT'S FRIDAY AGAIN! I'm always surprised when that happens, another Friday after only 6 days.... ;o) And today, like every other "surprise" Friday, I am the official watch dog at CBM --- for 45 minutes I stalwartly guard the front desk and snatch all in-coming calls. It's quite fun, in all honesty. I look forward to Fridays mostly for this reason! Hehehehe....well, not really, but it is nifty and I do like doing it. I'm house-sitting for the Dorseys out in Ada tonight (see Dan, you're not only the one with a special directional designation) and for Molly the mighty poodle too! They're heading down to Shipshewana, IN for a few days 'cause, yes, they actually like it down there. I've never been --- Dan's family (at least the ladies) make a trip every July on a Tuesday with some old family friends, but thus far I've missed the last 2. I shall make an attempt to go next year....if only for April's sake, so she's not the only young one along for the ride. :o)

Ah, off to watch phones --- :o)

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