Thursday, October 26, 2006

I don't do countdowns...

...and I know people find that strange, especially with such a nifty event like a wedding coming up, but they're just not me. :o) I have a date -- April 27, 2007 -- in view and I know that today is October 26 meaning tomorrow is the 6 month mark, but beyond that, I don't really count. Dan and I have been engaged since January 21 (my birthday!!) and I look back over the last (hmm...hang on, let me count...umm....maybe 10 months?? Nine? No, ten...hmm...I really do have to go count now.......) nine months and change and can't believe how fast it's gone. It seems like only yesterday I was holding a little baby girl in my arms, not even a day old. And now she's starting to crawl, stick out her tongue, and change the channels on the TV (much to grandpa's delight!). It seems like only yesterday I turned 25 and went on a most Amazing Race of my own...and wound up with a pink motorcycle helmet. Hehehehe....but I know it can't be yesterday because I've already been out wearing my helmet lots and it fits (and suits) me quite well. It seems like only yesterday somebody got a ring box stuck in his coat pocket in the midst of proposing a most intriguing question, "Will you marry me?" It seems like only yesterday that I asked him if he was serious and why? Oh wait, I probably did ask him that yesterday... :o) And here I am, 9 months+ looking back and wondering, "Where did all that time go?" but thankful, all the same, that go it went because looking forward is exciting too!

It's neat, thinks me, that time doesn't stand still. Life does goes on, people change, some leave us, new come our way -- and life keeps going. It's not that I expect it to because each day that I wake up I remember to thank God for giving me just one more day. Not in a fatalistic sense in the least --- but in a rejoicing sense because I love this world and I love this life. We were created to live! Even as I shout that out in joy, I think about those who are crying it out in pain. We were created to live...and yet we die.

Thanks be to God, though, that while we may close our eyes in this life, through Christ we have life abundant, free, and eternal --- life that knows NO end! The sting of death? The power of hell? It has no hold on those who love Christ and belong to the Father. We do not weep as those without hope --- we cry out to a loving Father who holds us in His hands, comforting our every tear and sorrow.

Praise be to God, our Almighty One, who lives and reigns forever!


  1. Sometimes - no all the time - I wish I could express my thoughts like you do:) I enjoy reading reading them! I haven't talked to you in a long time but I hope things are going well! Congrats on the 6 month mark!:)

  2. Your blog is so beautiful today! Praying for your heart, Valerie, while you keep a vigil. All I know as I write is that your dad's injuries are bad, your mom is going to be okay, and each of you are very strong for this trial. Love, Joyce