Monday, October 01, 2007

80 Degrees in October...

...and other anomalies. :o)

  • My dad "failed" the balance test---he is an endangerment to himself and the public at large. I find this conclusion slightly hysterical, especially considering 11 months ago he was injured in an auto accident to the point that walking again was questionable at best. He has spent months recuperating to be at the point he is today---I'd say the mere fact he is WALKING (albeit unsteady) is proof that the balance test is dumb. :o) That, and picturing my dad "domino-ing" the public at large sets me to grinning!
  • My little brother (of 23) was married yesterday! I also find this funny in a strange sort of way since now BOTH of my brothers technically got married before me. Yes, I got married in April of this year, beating Tom on the calendar, but he and Jim both walked the aisle at 23 and I waited 'til I was 26. :o)
  • My parents are empty-nesters. Don't let this designation fool you---all of their children live within 15 minutes of them and we darken the doors every chance we get. It just seems at every turn we are making adjustments and trying new things. I think about my mom a lot and pray for her too---she's spent 29 years raising three we're all grown up and moved out. What's a mom to do?
  • We have a gate-less fence. I'm sure it perplexes the neighborhood--why go to all the expense and effort of building a fence, and then not install gates? We wonder that too. :o)
  • We have 896 pictures of Colorado...and enough stories to last us a lifetime. How anyone can take that many pictures is beyond me, but leave it to Dan to do it! I'll just enjoy piecing together the book of memories. :o)
  • I'm in the process of losing two teeth. No, not baby teeth---wisdom teeth, though that in itself is misleading. If I were wise, I would've had them pulled years ago but I stubbornly held onto them. Actually, I think it was more of a case of being scared to death to have them pulled; I figured I could just keep them and live with crooked teeth. Not so--dentist says they must go! :o)


  1. There was lots of stuff to to take pictures of....and what's more a lot of the things were huge so I had to take multiple pictures so we can piece them together into big pictures now that we're back.

  2. I was confused when you said they got married before you - glad to know you and Dan are really married. :)