Friday, February 06, 2009

The Wonder We Call FRIDAY

I am excited. It's Friday. I am tired and have been looking forward to Friday all week long. I don't usually wish my weeks away, but this week in particular I've been busy, feel incredibly bushed, and have had a lot on my mind. And, I haven't watched a John Wayne flick since New Year's! :o)

  • Last Saturday was an all-day conference in Morrice MI (center of the state, just north of Lansing) for Word of Life local church ministries. I'm a part of the WOL Olympian team at church and as such pretty much had to go. It was an ok conference; not the best I've ever been to. I gleaned a few good things from the sessions, learned a lot from my team about how they view the good/bad/ugly about our program, and got creative with the buffet lunch. Dinner at Bob Evans on the way home would've been less than memorable if our waiter's service hadn't been SO memorable. I sure hope it was his first night because everything from the drink orders on down to splitting the bills was goofed up royally. My crepes were excellent, can't complain! :o) And then I read a book...with my space heater Sherlock....until late into the night.
  • Sunday was my first day teaching children's church -- the lesson was on our God's great power, as see in Jesus' walking on the water. I had a good morning; I enjoy teaching and being creative....but the prep takes time! After children's church I manned the kitchen along with the other gals for our luncheon. Things went pretty smoothly -- and two ladies asked for my enchilada recipe. Hehehehe.... I spent the afternoon service doing dishes with Lori and my mom, while Dad kept sneaking back for coffee. Then, I skipped the Super Bowl. *Gasp* I went to mom and dad's to watch the Food Network. It was a much better Super Bowl Sunday doing it that way in my opinion. :o) But, it was not early to bed!
  • Tuesday was High Noon at the "Celebrating the Classics" screening. I love that movie! Em and Amanda were there, and Dad, mom, Dan, Tom and I took up the front row handicapped side. Dad typically takes his wheelchair ino the theater. I enjoy the simple things in life --- and it doesn't get any better than $2.50 big screen movies! Dinner afterward turned into a political showdown and yet another late-to-bed for V.
  • Wednesday I got my first ever crown "installed" --- certainly less traumatic than having the temporary put on two weeks ago. :o) I really dislike the dentist. Not the dentist, but going to the dentist. I hate it!
  • Thursday was planning for our ten year high school reunion. Stop. Thing about that. Yup, I'm old --- and enjoying it! So much has happened in the last ten years. Some things I suppose I would change if I could, but I can't and I recognize that God uses all of it to mold me into the "earthen vessel" I ought to be.
  • Tonight, tonight is free. Tonight is do laundry, so technically not free. :o) And make "Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich" for my D. And maybe, just maybe, I'll talk my honey into going to see The Pink Panther 2 with me!
  • Tomorrow, tubing or bowling....the weather calls the shots on that one. :o)

Being busy sure does wear a body out!

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