Monday, April 20, 2009

The weekend...rewound.

Friday Night (high)Lights - Worked late; made dinner late; stayed up late

Saturday Soundings - Got the brilliant idea of creating a raised garden bed for my heirloom rhubarb. Mom's plants had to be moved pending the impending house building, and a couple "split" when she and dad dug them up. Now they're mine! The raised bed was supposed to look something like castle turrets with little pathways in between. I wanted three circles with straight rows connecting them. That way I can plant the rhubarb in the "towers" and put annuals (or maybe herbs) in the rows that go between. My raised bed looks more like Mickey Mouse's head! :o) We moved the bed at least 4 times in the process of making it "even" --- my obsession, not Dan's. From the middle of the yard, it looked ok. Then I'd move a foot or two in one direction --- ack! So Dan would dutifully move my blocks. Then I wandered up the house --- ack! The blocks moved again. And so on.... :o) Beyond that, I shopped; I baked; I plotted for a surprise birthday party; I read; I did laundry; and I sadly stayed away from my guilt-in-process (I intended to type 'quilt' but guilt is probably more Freudianly appropriate in this case!). I think I stayed up late again. Yup, 'til 3:00 reading a really good book!

Sunday Surprises - My boss preached at church - surprise! I found ranch-themed balloons for our party - surprise! The white and silver balloons look the same when you inflate them - surprise! I figured out at 3:30 in the afternoon that I would need to pick up the cake 'cause the cake lady (and dear, dear one from church) wasn't able to make the party - surprise! The ice cream made it to church without melting - surprise! I forgot about drinks for the party - surprise, Pink Lemonade Mix in the pantry! I forgot the candles - surprise, the dollar store carries GOLD candles! "Light the candles when I start the testimony" - surprise, Lori and Amy's voices surprisingly sound quite similar. Surprise - we're going to sing all THREE verses of the hymn while you stand in the aisle holding a lit birthday cake! And, best of all: "SURPRISE!" Our surprise party was actually a surprise -- so much so that Sherrie sat down in the row of chairs so we could deliver the cake to someone else! Hehehehe. I love surprises...for other people, that is. Me, I'm a sort-of-like-to-know-what's-going-down kind of gal. *Grin*

Typos thankfully caught before posting:

  • 'Guilt' for quilt - but I left it, because it was fitting. :o)
  • 'Lie' for like
  • 'Dig' for did
  • 'Gall' for gal
  • 'Suprise' for surprise
  • 'Fruedian' for Freudian


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    i am heading to G-Rap. for now. (well, after school's out. i am taking a leisurely route, and visiting people on the way back. .. Georgia, SC, IN, to name a few, and i am trying to find an interesting, not-too-expensive route.