Friday, May 29, 2009

::: Tea for Two :::

This is my first ever machine-quilted (anything-quilted, to be honest!) project. I made it for my MIL this past Mother's Day. I can't say the design is unique to me ---- the blocks are a classic pairing: snowball and nine patch. But I selected the fabrics (I suppose there's a designer or two in there, but honestly, I'm not too hyped up on dropping names. I love fabric of any sort!), cut the blocks, assembled without a pattern, and "quilted" (*cough*) my masterpiece. I love the backing fabric, and that pop of green around the edge! My MIL is also fond of tea, if you couldn't tell. So, my offering: Tea for Two!

My favorite phrase to accompany anything I do handmade: DON'T LOOK TOO CLOSE! *Grin* There are at least two wonky seams, both of which I guess I could've fixed, but I was lacking in the motivation department. Gives it character, thinks me!

I chose to do "in the ditch" quilting because it was my FIRST experience with quilting. Have I got a lot of improving to do! I'm pleased enough with the way the [table topper] turned out and I happen to know that my MIL was quite taken with it, too. My guess is she's more touched by the effort than the result, although I did notice the topper made its debut on the living room coffee table.


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