Monday, June 29, 2009

5 + 3 + 6.5 =

...the cummulative amount of sleep I attained this weekend.

Yikes. *Grin*

Friday night we went to the Getty Drive-in to watch "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and "Star Trek." Both were good [and long] but kept us out until 4 am! I had to be up by 10 to meet a friend at the south end of no sleeping in or catching up for me. Saturday night was crazy hot and I was wide awake. Since I saw no sleep on the horizon, I picked up a good book and read. Finally dropped off to sleep around 5:30. *Sigh* Up for church and I won't deny I applied my [cold] "green leaves" to get rid of the major baggage I had going on. Hehehe... I love those little things. They came as a freebie when I tried a new botanical line, Liiv, and were a pleasant surprise when my order showed up on the doorstep! Yeah for unadvertised "incentive buys" and yeah for Avon.

Ever been to a horse pull? Makes me every time want to run out and buy a Belgian or a Clydesdale [and grow my hair long below the knees.] They are incredible strong and magnificent! I would very much like to have one...and hitch it to a sleigh in the winter. No, I do not want to go back to the good ol' days --- I just want a BIG horse. *Grin*

Sunday afternoon my little niece, Ella, and I attempted to swim at the lake. The wind and waves were so strong that the boat kept "swimming" away from us. We hustled our little rumps to catch up. She's only three, so the pushing and shoving and clawing through the water to reach the ladder was pretty much up to me. But, she's an adventurer and we always have fun!

Oh, the numbers. Yes, 6.5 last night --- it's the book's fault. I started reading it about 8:00 and just couldn't put it down. The sun about did me in; I was camped out on the couch in the sun and at least a half dozen times my eyes drooped and my head lolled while I was trying to read. Don't worry...for the sake of my book I managed to stay up until 1:00!

Today? [Yawn] I'm good to go!

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