Friday, May 28, 2010

In case of emergency...

...have a viable Plan B! My original entry for the Bloggers Quilt Festival was going to be a quilt I've been calling "Bento on the Sly" ---- it's a series of pink and orange courthouse blocks cross-cut on the diagonal. My husband commented that the quilt was, errr, rather boisterous. I think he was trying to be kind because pink's not really his thing.  *grin*  But between a computer hard drive crash at work and a pesky 24-hour ick bug, "Bento" is still a pile of unsewn triangles. On to plan B...

Crazy 9-Patch

My {new} entry for the Festival is a quilt based on Oh Fransson's Crazy 9-Patch Lattice. I loved the pattern when it debuted and thought it would be a perfect baby quilt. A family friend from my husband's side of the equation was nearing the end of a difficult pregnancy and due to bring a little girl into an all-boy family. I thought a bit of handmade might be welcomed, especially with the struggles April had in getting through this pregnancy.

Instead of sticking to the pattern, I chose to do a tic-tac-toe board and omitted 7 patch blocks and 3 white fillers. I don't know why, but square is my preferred shape for baby quilts. I love the movement of this pattern -- if you do it "right" the big and small megaphone blocks flow into one another and it really looks neat! Elizabeth is a wonder!

Crazy 9-Patch Back

While I love the front dearly, I have to say I'm rather fond of the back, too. It's a great zig-zag print from Heather Bailey's "Pop Garden" line that just happened to have EVERY color from the front of the quilt in it. How often does that happen?

Eeek! I love that print. I wish I would've bought more than "just enough" for this back. *grin* And, just because:

Crazy 9-Patch Lattice

A crazy angle quilt shot on the white chair. *giggle* I see so many shots like this floating around Flickr. Granted, none of them seem to be staged in the middle of the kitchen.... Ehh, to each his own!

To complete the story, Baby Ella arrived less than a week after I presented this quilt. True to form, a difficult birthing followed the ups and downs April faced throughout --- but, the Lord brought both of them through. And, I just happened to run into April and her family last night while out to dinner. At three months, Baby Ella is getting to be a mighty big girl! God is so good!


  1. What a gorgeous quilt and I agree, the back is Yummy! I am sure April and Ella enjoy their quilt!

  2. Very pretty quilt! You did an amazing job!

    Happy sewing!

  3. That is a beautiful quilt. I'm sure it was meant to be, what with the backing fabric matching so well and all! Good work. :)

  4. So cute. I am on my second quilt with the same pattern and love it!

  5. this is gorgeous. i love those amazing colors together.

  6. I just love your version of this quilt; beautiful. :)