Tuesday, July 20, 2010


...from a rather extended {camping} vacation at Petoskey State Park! Wonderful weather, and oh, the waves at the beach. I love, love, love Petoskey! I spent some time catching up on a few favorite blogs that I missed over the last couple weeks ----- but there's something satisfying about dropping in at my own place. A Day in May, at least in the virtual world, just feels like coming home...  *grin*

I'm signing on for the "1 Thing" project over at Amy's Creative Side ---- I'm already a participant in Chickpea Sewing's "Sew 12" challenge. I think I have a thing for numbers... Amy's challenge is pretty simple --- commit to finishing one project a week, no matter how big or small. Chickpea has me at my sewing machine (or at least with a needle in hand) for 1 hour a day, 12 days a month. Now Amy will have me producing!  *grin*  Always helps to have cheerleaders along the way.

My goal this week: completing Colleen's July block for the NewBee quilting bee.

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