Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Catching up....

...on [posting] bee blocks! I've been relatively on time submitting my blocks, but way lacking in the journal department.  *grin*  Marlynn asked for STARS for September --- and sent us a collection of Christmas-esque fabric + yellow. And oh, how that yellow threw me!

Sneakity Peek!

I took my cue from two star blocks I happened across in Flickr --- one from the top row here and the other a modified version of Piecemeal Quilt's Uneven Star. I really, really like the Uneven Star and will be using it again [someday].

NewBee Blocks - September

For October, Lynne asked for blocks based off Bonnie's Strip Twist at Quiltville. I rather procrastinated on this block, but after diving in it went together so quickly I have no idea why I waited so long to try the technique! It was fun with a little challenge thrown in --- a few points here and there to match, but Bonnie is a nesting seams genius and that made things move along nice and smooth.

October - NewBee

I love it when Jellyroll strips measure exactly 2 1/2" across ---- it makes life so much easier...  *grin*

NewBee - October

Kembel is on for November and we received a fun collection of HOT pink, lime green, gray, white, and a couple of prints that mix pink and lime. She's calling her month "Here Comes the Sun!" 'cause she lives in the somewhat dreary coastal northwest.  *grin*  I've got my block drafted and hope to complete it yet this week --- we're visiting family in DC over Thanksgiving and I'd like to avoid 'last minute' when it comes to tackling the unknown factors of piecing a block I've created.  *grin*

p.s.  I'm also participating in the "Brown Bag Challenge" hosted by Stash Manicure! Sheila and I exchanged fabrics about a month ago. A couple of the pieces I received from her were, well, maybe ever so slightly worthy of being included in an 'ugly' quilt.  *grin*  Never fear, though --- I pulled out my trusty Rit fabric dye and went to town! Here's the line up:
Brown Bag Surprise
The Uglies
Stash Additions

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