Wednesday, October 05, 2011


...for posterity's sake!  {grin}

Almost a year ago (October 14th according to Adobe -- yikes, and quickly coming!) I drew up a paper-pieced plan for a quilt ---- must be the "Sleepy Hollow" nature of October was on my mind, as I christened the quilt, "Twisted Web." It was, eerrrrr, IS on my list for 2011 quilts but I don't know that I'll get to it in the next few months. I have so many other ideas in the works! That said, a quilt I saw on Flickr reminded me of my own little drawing and I figured I would throw, well, another hat in the ring. I'm not afraid to admit I like mine a wee bit better ---- it feels rather chunky and clunky, and I definitely go for that!  {wink} 

I haven't tested my idea, but I do have a paper pieced template all drawn up and ready to go. I really have no excuse for letting this one languish...  {grin}

My favorite of the three is the one on the far right ---- I like how the centers ever so slightly don't line up!

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