Thursday, May 03, 2012

A Wedding Quilt....

...hopefully in time for a first anniversary!  {grin}  My best friend was married to the neatest guy last November and I had originally planned to do a quilt for the newlyweds. Best laid plans aside, the wedding quilt didn't quite materialize. I set aside the fabric and moved on to greener pastures (lots of baby quilts and Christmas gifts to fill my time!) figuring at some point I'd revive the dream.  {wink}

I'm hoping the timing is right now 'cause I've got a plan --- all over the 'net I've seen variations on the "rolling stone" block and it's growing on me! Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts did a traditional block and set it on point; Rita of Red Pepper Quilts fame went and played around with scale, making me really, really want to dive into Labyrinth; and just yesterday I came across a new pattern, Spin Cycle, by Allison of Cluck, Cluck, Sew. {I chuckled at that my quilt doodlings I have a sketch going by the same name but a totally different block!} I'm a sketcher by nature and had already drafted a block based on Rita's modifications. Allison's cross/solid ring really won me over. I have a stack of black/white/gray fabrics to go along with Brooke's bedding --- a coverlet for their bed was my original plan. Now, with the accent of red, I'm really feeling this quilt.

And am quite excited to get started!  {grin} original name for this quilt was going to be "Rolling Along," but now that I see the quilt put together, it sure does smack of "Red Cross." Perfect either way. Yes, yes, yes...."inspired" is so loosely used these days ---- I readily admit I adapted the modifications of Rita by enlarging the the corner squares and adopted the shortened rectangles to achieve the cross, like Allison. And hats off to whoever first devised the piecing for the "Rolling Stone." I love the modern interpretations!

p.s. I also love the Robert Kaufman iPhone app, Quilt Calc. Thanks to it, figuring out those pesky square-in-square measures was super simple!

p.p.s. I've also noticed that my most recent posts have featured a lot of digital drawings.... I promise I'm not just a virtual quilter; I do eventually get around to making some of these.  {wink}  I just love so much to draw!

p.p.p.s.  If my dear one is reading, I'm off to eat a grilled cheese sandwich.  {grin}

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