Friday, January 04, 2013

Setting a snail's pace... 2013, it would seem. We've been battling various bugs around here since early December...and hoping we're finally on the mend. Even my beloved D was under the weather for a bit.  :-/

Winter has finally arrived and the winds are howling! I'm hoping for an abundant supply of snow this year --- the snowshoes didn't even come out of storage last winter. For a year-round lover of Michigan's seasons, it was pretty discouraging!

I've got a couple sewing projects on the docket and finished up a sweet little cap for my niece, Evalyn, just in time for Christmas. I love her to pieces! I'm posting from my new iPad (eek!!!) and haven't quite gotten the photo uploading figured out. But believe me, Evy is super cute in her fleecy monster hat. (grin)

I'm hoping to wrap up a baby quilt for Braxden, a runner and retirement quilt for Linda, and a car seat cover for baby Alyvia by the end of next month. I'm thinking that's a pretty tall order, but there's no harm in shooting for the moon, thinks me. (wink)

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