Thursday, January 21, 2016

Today's the day....

...for celebrating --- at least for me it is! I am digging this sometime-in-my-third decade birthday and embracing the path God has laid. D and I are marking the day a few time zones apart, but such is life. He left Sunday afternoon for a business trip to Amsterdam and flew into Warsaw, Poland yesterday evening. I'm told that there are others like me who leave their Christmas trees up well into January. Who knew??  {wink}  In addition to being my birthday, today also marks 10 years since my dear one proposed to me, and after a bit of banter back and forth, I gave in.  {grin}  My D is certainly a joy and a true gift from the Lord. I love him very much and wish him a super Happy V Day! Enjoy the celebration --- me and Jimmy Rockford sure are going to miss you...

p.s. My honey UPS'ed me the entire Rockford Files series to keep me company this week. We have a 'tradition' of celebrating the "7 Days of V" the week leading up to my birthday. Well, I have the tradition, and he grumbles along with me. Finding joy in the ordinary!

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  1. Have fun binge watching! I confess, I haven't watched any of the Rockford Files shows. Dating myself, but they were on TV when I was a teen. I would probably love them now. I'll check it out! AND, Happy Birthday to you!!