Friday, September 30, 2005

I am a slug...

...a slug of a bug who is slothful at best.

Why? Because I've really been slacking in a lot of departments, Blogging not the greatest of these. How come our lives have the tendency to become "full" of essentials? I mean, I consider the time I spend with my family, with the D, with friends, at church, in school, working, and the like to all be extremely important --- so important that to be selfish and "skip out" on any one of them seems to be downright evil. So I habitually sacrifice one "essential" for another "essential" and always feel like I'm somehow robbing myself. I don't buy into "priorities" apparently --- everything is on the same level. No 'ladder' theories here...everything gets top rung!! :o/ Hmm...there must be a word for that. What is it? Think, think, think... Oh! BALANCE. Never heard of it.

I should photocopy myself --- then I could have many slugs oozing around doing everything I want to be doing but can't always do. And I could have one slug for the sole, express purpose of doing V-ish things. And everyone could have a slug, a slothful slug, named V ---- and everyone would be happy. Only I would keep the original........ :o)

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