Friday, September 16, 2005

Wind of change...again!

Hey...I'm in the mood for a haircut again! And, since this is a democracy, what better way to encourage the free-minded than by staging an election. Any takers? Which do you like the best for me? Yes, yes, yes...I've got an opinion or two on which I like ---- just curious to see if anyone else has thoughts on the matter. If not, you'll simply get an early Christmas present: a different looking V. Haven't you always wanted one of those??? :o) Posted by Picasa


  1. hahaha awesome idea! all the styles are really cute, but if i have to vote for one, i'll choose #1.

  2. That's funny:) I think I'd have to choose #3 or #6...maybe #6.

  3. #1 is it! Well, almost --- I haven't gotten it cut yet. I'm still working up the courage. :o) Funny thing is, I updated the settings for my Blog to control who can post and who can't, so now I have to do my own word association to be able to post on my own Blog! Craziness...