Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Since the cat's already out of the bag...

...thought I'd give a brief expose on my November trip to Zambia! Yup, that's right--I'm going to ZAMBIA. Dan, Amy, and I are planning a late November trip at the prompting of Rob to go visit Janine in Choma, Zambia. We're shooting to leave the country (ha, ha -- under cloak of darkness) on November 17 and returning the Monday following Thanksgiving (yes, smart planning on our part --- the most-traveled post-holiday Monday of the year!). While in Zambia we're going to basically attach ourselves to Janine and go where she goes and do what she does. She's even offered us the opportunity to teach/preach through an interpreter, and I'm game to take her up on it. Can you believe that? Me, teaching the Bible to people who don't even speak the same language as I? Isn't God amazing? He knows no boundaries, has no limits, and certainly isn't struck dumb by foreign languages. I'm so incredibly, dare I say it, geeked! :o) I can't wait and November (outside of it hurrying up my schoolwork deadlines) can't come soon enough.

Also, Janine has talked to me about taking us on a wild African game safaria thingy and maybe going to see Victoria Falls, about a 2-3 hour trek from her village. She says they're having water issues right now and so she only has running water for 2 hours a day and never really knows how long she'll have it on. So, looks like I need to brush up on my washcloth bathing skills.... :o) And electricity is touch-and-go too, so lots of adjusting. If you think about it, would you pray for our acclimation to the climate and people and no doubt "strange" things we'll encounter? Also, just the air travel --- we're looking at layovers in places I've never been before and while exciting, lots of things could happen. Pray for our safety and that we'll be brainy smurfs when it comes to customs and what to say and NOT say (that'll be my trouble ---- remembering not to reveal my ENTIRE life story at the customs counter...).

So yah, I'm going to Zambia. Never thought I'd be saying that out loud, let alone doing it!!


  1. Oh man I am SO excited for you!! You guys are taking a camera right?:) I sure hope you get to see Victoria Falls, I was looking at pictures of it the other day and was just AMAZED! I had no idea they were that close to her..you'd have to walk there though? I think different cultures are SO exciting, I can't wait to hear all about the plans and how it all went!

  2. wow valerie, that sounds like one awesome trip!! i know it'll be an encouragement to janine to have some of her good friends from home come and visit her! i can't wait to hear how it goes! i wish you were going NOW! patience, patience