Thursday, October 20, 2005

"Cccchhheeeeeeeeeesssseeeee!" *quivering fists*

Oh, come on! You can't tell me you haven't ever seen Wallace & Gromit!! :o)

Uh huh...that's right ---- I'm going to the queen bee state of beer and cheese this weekend! No, not because I'm in anyway remotely a GB Packers fan (that'll be the day! Sorry dearest'll never make a believer out of me --- GO LIONS!) but because one of my dear ones, Brooke, lives there. Amy and I are jetting off Friday night (ha, terribly appropriate to say that since we're taking the Jetta) for a quick visit to Union Grove by way of lots of other fun places. Sweet... :o) Maybe drop in at the Hard Rock Cafe in Milwaukee (pronounced, apparently, "Me-wah-kee" minus the L for all you non-Cheesy people), visit Chicago and the Sears' Tower, and indulge in Belly Flops at the Jelly Belly Bean Factory. Sweet, sweet, and more sweet!

Any requests? I think it's legal to transport cheese across state borders...if I don't eat it all first! :o)

Other than that, nothing spectacular going on. :o) Zambia is less than a month away and I just picked up my malaria prevention medication yesterday --- $15 with insurance co-pay (ah, insurance --- an interesting "blessing" of sorts). Tickets and VISAs are all in order and we're as good as gone come the 17th. I'll try and post pictures when I get back, if I can remember how to use "Hello." Neat thing, too, is that we're staying with Pat-sy (D's best friend) in London on the way back and he's going to take us to ride the London Eye. And on the way out we're hoping to see the Tower of London, the Crown Jewels, Buckingham Palace, and (just for me!) Baker Street and the Sherlock Holmes museum. I can't hardly wait!!!!!!! :o)

Work is calling, so off I go. If you think about it, please be praying for Dan, me, and Amy as we get final preparations in order for Zambia. And for Janine too --- she's had quite the interesting time the last couple months. My hope is that we'll be a blessing and encouragement to her and that we'll learn much, too, of what it's like to work the harvest fields in a place like Zambia!


  1. Valerie, you are hilarious. I hope you girls have a great weekend! I'm sorry I didn't contact you tonight about getting that video from you. Are you around tomorrow during the day? Or I can just get it when you come home. I can't believe you guys are actually going to Africa! I am so excited for you (and a bit jealous;) That's so stinkin' cool though.

  2. Grr....Dallas bailed on the interview yesterday and is supposed to be doing it with me today. My brother showed me how to transfer the video feed from my camera to my computer and make it a .wav file. Will that work? If I'm successful I'll burn the whole thing to a DVD (I think) and have D deliver it to you on Sunday. I'm around today until 5:00 or so here at the office and then I'm taking off for WI after dinner. I'd say come visit, but I don't know when the interview will actually get done and it'd be pointless to drive all the way out here if it isn't ready. So...I'll get it to you AQAP!

  3. I'm pretty sure that you don't have to use hello. You can just upload the picture to your blogger account. At least I think everyone can do that. Its easier.

  4. far Hello takes the pictures I tell it to from my computer, transfers them to my blog, and then lets me (via the blog edit function) edit the caption, add to it, and the like. I've successfully done it....twice. :o) If there's an easier way, let me know --- I'm always game for "easy." Thanks!