Thursday, March 16, 2006

AIM mail... interesting discovery, I think. If you have an AOL instant messenger screenname you are automatically eligible to receive an "" email address. All you have to do is go to and click on the "mail" icon. Then you sign in with your screenname and password, answer a couple basic questions (your zip code, country, gender, and secret question), and get an email address that uses your (which isn't actually a valid email address and I'm not sure why Blogger is highlighting it, but oh well...). Fun stuff -- 2 GB of storage, sort of rivals Gmail, though I prefer it over AIM anyday just because I finally got most people to use that particular one. And who couldn't use yet another email address???? :o) Only kidding, sort of.

Ah well, I thought it was neat and worth passing along.

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  1. Sorry I never got back to you! Here's the site I got the quote from:
    You can also check out
    Everyone says it's by Dr. Moorehead (I just googled it).

    Hope everything's going well!