Friday, March 10, 2006


...I really haven't done it in years, but somehow even back when I was doing it, it was never this much fun! I watched Ella Bella last night ("E" if you are confused by the sudden and frequent name changes I have a tendency to bestow) while Jim played video games and Maureen was at Aquinas for her master's ed class. I actually got her to smile and sort of giggle -- I don't know if babies can really do those sorts of things when they're only 6 weeks old, but I'm convinced she was laughing at me! She makes such cute faces and so I started making them back....and then I took her little feet and started "kicking" D's nose and ear with them, which really made her do baby grins. Oh how fun!!! She is such a sweet little dear and oh so cute. I love being "Auntie V" (or as Jim insists on calling me, though no body else better: "Aunt Val" ugh!) and am quite positive Ella is the most loved one in our bunch at present. Not that everyone else isn't just superb..........but who would even think to go toe-2-toe with those cute little midget fingers, squishy ears, and chubby cheeks???? Haven't got a chance! Not a prayer.... :o)

I was praying it again last night and hope I'll be faithful to keep on praying it --- but my heart's desire for this little girl is that she might grow up to love the Lord and that she would have a right relationship with Christ. I look at her now and think, "Wow, this is what we all start out like," and I think she's just perfect --- and then I remember, living within this little girl is the same thing Christ saved me from. Oh that God might call Ella to Himself!

Huh....something to think about. I have a big responsibility now --- not that I didn't before, because I did, but now doubly so because I have a feeling E and I are going to be the best of friends. I am, after all, the favorite aunt... ;o)

Yes, more pictures to come --- but you'll have to wait until I stop holding her 'cause who wants to take pictures when you could be playing with Ella Bella????

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