Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Spring break...

...just isn't what it used to be. :o) I'm on spring break this week which means I get exactly ONE day off from the "regular" schedule. The rest of the time I'm working, which I love, but still -- isn't the point of spring break to have a week off? What happened to all the excitement surrounding spring break when we were kids? I absolutely could not wait for April to roll around.....and now I get 1 day at the beginning of March to hail as "spring." What gives with that???? :o)

There are days when I think being "old" isn't all it's cracked up to be. Then again, there are perks to being old.....lots and lots of "neat" things like: reduced auto insurance rates when you hit 25 (only to jump up again because you forgot that breaking and ice and fences don't all work together to make an enjoyable driving experience), ordering off the "kids menu" when you don't have to, or telling people "I'm a quarter of a century." Yah, nifty things like that...

So, I guess I'll take my 1 day and run with it....oh wait, that was yesterday. Spring break is done. :o)


  1. wow, i stumbled across your blog. :) dunno if you remember me (I'm Leann's friend that visited during spring break last year). anyway, it's good to see you in blogland. :) God bless ya, sista!

  2. Yes, I remember you! Hannah, right? I've been to at least a couple of your blogs via Leann's (you do have quite a few). :o) Small world! Congratulations, by the way, on getting married. I pop in every once in awhile to see how things are going...especially your "War Bride" blog. Thanks for taking a hike through mine -- it's certainly been an interesting year thus far and I'm giddy with anticipation of what God will do next. But, patience is a virtue....I'm working on it. :o)

  3. I got that feeling last week... I'm in class, (my 1 class that I am taking) listening to everyone share where they are headed for spring break and a few people complaining that they have to work a couple days this week so they can't go anywhere and It just hit more spring break and no more of the joyous road trip planning that goes along with it. Life will never again be the same. Oh well...