Wednesday, April 05, 2006

An apple a day....

....hasn't a chance of keep strep throat at bay! Or whatever it is that I currently have... :o) Isn't the body amazing? I mean, even when it's sick, it does super cool things -- like fighting off infections and swelling up to let you know something's up. And aren't medications not so super cool? Supposedly I have strep throat or something close to it (generic tonsilitis or a viral sore throat) so I'm taking Penicillin to clear that up. And then I'm on Prednisone for the swelling in my tonsils. The trouble with Pred is that it doesn't let you sleep well -- you end up having a pretty restless night of tossing and turning. How's that supposed to be good for me when my doctor told me to get lots of rest, to rest whenever I could? And the other problem....Pred makes me hungry and that's just bad all around, especially when I'm working at not being hungry all the time. :o) Oh well, it's only for a few more days, I hope!

Anything else of general interest? Ah, we're getting a new president out here at the ol' Mission...and I'm quite excited. Not that I'm not horribly loyal to Dr. Webber and feel privileged to have "sat" under him these last 5 years learning from him. But I'm just geeked 'cause things all around me are changing and I can see God's hand in it. I can't wait to figure out what's going to happen: to me, to CBM, to the ministry that goes on here. The Friends & Family Banquet is coming up on the 20th -- we'll say "good bye" to the Webbers and welcome the Jenkin family as Doc's successor. Neat, neat....... And then a few weddings, finals, 2 weeks of summer school, family vacation (camping in the UP!!!), Labor Day retreat (YES! I get to be chef-on-hand for the weekend again --- I love doing that....), fall classes, Christmas, my birthday, and before you know it, D and I'll be married. Yikes! :o) Ah, yikes nothing --- I'm learning to embrace change --- to not be so put off by it. And honestly, I don't think change is what bothers's the processing of change. The having to think through it because it is so complex and far-reaching. I'm nifty-neat-o-wahoo about change ---- it's a part of life and the things that are going on in my are such a blessing from God. Just have to get used to the other part......figuring out what will change and won't change with each change. :o)

An apple a day might not do much to defeat strep, but right now, this one sure tastes good.....

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