Tuesday, May 23, 2006

P A N I C . . .

That feeling which arises when:
  • Somebody you weren't expecting to get back in the country until Thursday apparently arrived last weekend...minor detail
  • You get an email in your Outlook inbox that has one of those crazy "!" in the importance box...minor detail
  • You flip open your uber sweet Nextel only to find that for some reason the screen isn't working...minor detail
  • After flipping open your uber sweet Nextel and finding the screen not working, you ask your dad who's 10 feet away from you to call your uber sweet Nextel and he does and it doesn't ring...minor detail
  • You discover that instead of receiving a grade on your spring semester report card for a certain class that had you worried, you get an "I" for incomplete...minor detail
  • You're fiddling around with your hands-free-phone-designed-to-save-your-life-in-your-car-while-driving-and-chatting and happen to look up and see brake lights...minor detail
  • You're supposed to merge and you know your lane ends, but you forget just when it ends and all of a sudden you're looking at orange construction barrels and, oh, NO BRIDGE...minor detail
  • You get a phone call about a job that apparently you were supposed to know all about and your caller keeps talking like you know what they're talking about, but for the life of you, just can't find it on your "It's a GIANT of a to do list!" list...minor detail
  • You suddenly remember that you actually do have something cooking in the oven and that little orange light isn't pulling your leg after all...minor detail

Hehehehe.....details, details, details....who needs details?????? :o)

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