Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Father, forgive me...

...for I am a worm.

How many times a day do I lose my temper, and usually for NO good reason? I shudder to count, and I also highly doubt any of my outbursts are in the least "righteous indignation" worthy of being expressed! How easy it is to become angry with someone... What a struggle to control the thoughts and malicious intents of my heart! Nobody "makes" me mad --- I choose to be offended, annoyed, ticked off, and wrathful. Granted, people aren't perfect and do commit sin against me --- BUT, nowhere am I given permission in Scripture to fly off the handle at them, verbally berate them, "murder" them in my heart, or any such thing. As a Christian, I don't have that right... As a Christian, I gave up those "human tendencies" for Christ's way. Or, at least, I was supposed to have.



  1. So you do that do?;) Thanks for the reminder - I need to remember that too

  2. But, Valerie, you were in the middle of a special two-week course normally spread over four months! This is understandable and actually predictable. Dale and I usually had the worst arguments the closer exams got. I am in no way assuming I know details about your episode, but I see a timing similarity.
    Your contrition and repentance are beautiful, an example to us all. Thanks for your transparency.