Thursday, July 06, 2006

::: S I C K :::

...this has certainly been my year for it! Amy and I went road-tripping last week to the almost Deep South (we made it as far down as Atlanta, GA!) and she caught a cold on Monday and by Wednesday, after riding together for 2 days straight, I had it too. Only mine is still around and I'm running a temperature and sweating buckets! What gives??? It is most unpleasant and most unladylike (not that I am entirely a lady, but I do make a conserted effort NOT to be overly manly when I blow my nose)... *Sugh*

On the brighter side of life, we're home! And HOME is wonderful to me, but alas, home is short-lived this week 'cause I'm heading off Friday night to housesit for the Byles for 2 weeks. Me, Juneau the malamute, Amy the orange poodle, Mike the cat, Tori the bird who hates me, and 2 tanks of fish (1 of which I promised Jay I'd let all the fish die in because he said he wanted Kelley to watch them and not me......and then I relented 'cause he looked like he was going to cry). Did I mention the funky swimming pool that has to be drained and refilled? Or the scary OLD stove that threatens to blow up everytime I try to like the pilot?'s a fun place to stay! :o)

Busy, busy, busy... AND, I'm going to start giving swimming lessons to a lady I work with. She's 50-something and has never learned how to swim (OR ride a bike!!) ---- her dad would never let her 'cause he was afraid she'd drown (or fall off and hurt herself). I told Ellie we'd do swim lessons this summer and when she's competent at that, we'll give bike riding a shot. I'm a little nervous about teaching her to ride a bike 'cause if she does fall off, well, she's a whole lot older than I was when I first started learning (and falling) and I'm guessing she'll get hurt a whole lot worse than I did when I first took to the 2-wheeler. Bubble wrap...the answer to everything!

Off and running... :o)

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  1. hehehe i can just picture you wrapping her in full body armor bubble wrap and sending her down the road on her bike :) awww that's so cool she's going to learn to swim and ride a bike!!