Friday, July 21, 2006

--> S W I M M I N G <--

We were up at the lake last weekend and my little Ella Bella was there. She has the CUTEST swimsuit! She's a pretty Pink Lady with the sweetest sunglasses, matching pink hat, and a flowered pink life jacket. We were in the water and I was paddling around by the back of the pontoon boat ladder. Maureen was holding Ella and all of a sudden HUGE waves (for our little lake) started rolling in (the wake off a power boat) and Maureen got this really scared look on her face and started going down with Ella so I grabbed her and hoisted her up on the back of the boat. Little Ella doesn't like waves so much and I was thankful I was that close ---- I think Maureen was too! So, Ella's second adventure in the lake was, well, an adventure! It was a wonderful day to spend at the lake and ever so cool 'cause I got to spend it with the people I love most: my family and Dan. Can't get much better than that. Oh...did I mention I got a bit of sun???? After being sick on my back for a week and not able to do much of anything, a swim at the lake and a sunburn were most welcomed indeed.

Bummers....Lisa has pictures of Ella in her swimsuit --- I'll have to get them from her somehow so I can post them here. She is definitely the darling of our family! I love her to death and think she's such a neat kid. I hope she grows up sweet, but more than that, I pray she grows up loving God and knowing Christ. That would be better than icing on the cake ---- that would take the cake in my estimation!!!

Off to do some more swimming tonight. Mmmm....I love drinking lake water!!! :o)

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