Thursday, October 12, 2006

:::First Snow:::

There's just something about the first snow... :o) At the request of my almost other half I braved the BLUSTERY winter outside (in my strappy heels) to catch a few shots of the snow and, well, the beautiful view from my office! Makes it awful hard working right next to all this pretty stuff...

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  1. Can you believe that we had snow already! I had to scrape off my car yesterday and underneath the snow were leaves-that is just not how it is suppossed to be :-)

    I want to enjoy fall before the snow, but it looks like you had a lot more snow by you than I had by me.

  2. Valerie. while those pictures are well taken, i cannot support the enjoyment of this (the snow)obvious consequence of the Fall of man. absolutely will not support it.

    hehehehe just kidding :) but i unashamedly say that i'm glad we haven't had our first snow down here in VA yet.