Monday, October 09, 2006


I realize you're not supposed to grumble and complain, but there are days when I seriously feel like spewing forth mass grumblings! *Sigh* Sadly enough, though, I realize that my urge to grumble only comes out of frustration over being inconvenienced, and I just can't justify expending the effort. I'm attempting to register for the online portion of a class I'm taking (Perspectives on the World Christian Movement) and have thus far been unsuccessful --- I register and provide a valid email address.........and then............wait.........and wait................and......wait for a confirmation email to arrive that never quite gets there. Because I can't log in, I can't complete my homework or the online discussions that are required for the class. Which puts me behind the 8 ball.....and behind in general. This is my LAST semester of school and all I really want is to be finished with the process. I like the learning part, but the homework/classwork/lecture stuff is beginning to take its toll on me. I figure I've put in my time educationally speaking....hmm, I've been doing this since, huh, I was four years old and starting out in pre-school. Yup, I did pre-school and now I'm doing post-school. :o) Ah well, hopefully Marlene will come through for me ---- she's a good trouble-shooter. Hehehehe....I need LOTS of those!

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