Wednesday, October 04, 2006

For being such a "plan hater"....

...I am certainly being called on to make an enormous amount of plans! :o) I thought about listing them all (and indeed did start bulleting) but that suddenly seemed a bit too "me-focused" so I shall just leave you wondering.

I will say, though, that plans are not always bad, but they have the potential of becoming so. They become "bad little buggers" when they suddenly morph into the end-all of life, instead of the things that really matter. About 6 weeks ago (yes, it's been that long now) I stuck a Post-It to my computer with the following thought: "Plans have a way of becoming preoccupations." My inspiration? Prov. 16:9 and 19:21 --- both of which speak to the propensity for people to plan......but the ultimate reality that God orders our steps and His purpose prevails.

I like "p's" today; or did you miss that? :o)

God is the one who holds the pen that draws out the path of my life. I don't always like that (I like getting myself from point A to point B in my own good time), but the truth is: I wouldn't really want it any other way. I trust God to do what is best for me and even though I sometimes struggle to make sense of my life, I know He knows me inside and out. That, and His way is better than anything I could dream up (yah, I've tried it my way...not so good). But then again, haven't we all?

Come to think of it, some of us still are....and sometimes I feel tempted to try again. :-/

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