Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Less than.... month to go! Yesterday we crossed over the one month threshold and though we're still not counting down, I can't deny that giddy-night-before-Christmas feel welling up inside me. We have much to do before the BIG day, but God has been so good---clear heads, joyful hearts, many helping hands. I'm so glad we're not doing this alone!

The tuxes are picked out; the cake is confirmed; the wedding site and reception have all been planned; my dress is on its way to being done; the music is coming together; the food is a go; all parties involved in the BIG day are on board; invitations went out; RSVPs are coming in; and my list keeps growing longer and longer. Cabinets went up at the house this week--flooring and painting are next, along with installing a countertop and gathering our appliances from all corners of the house! I have a stove in my living room and a fridge in my garage, a picnic basket and couch on the second lower level, and a tempermental dryer in the basement. :o) Setting up house is a nifty venture in insanity...but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

In the midst of all this excitement, my Dad continues to make progress. He reports in (frequently) on the happenings of his day; that, or he calls to rub it in that my niece is over and he's playing with her and I'm not. :o) My ol' man is a priceless gem--he and my mum both! I love them dearly and I pray for them often. I hope you do too....Dad still has a long road ahead of him. He wants to stand at our wedding---it's his goal, not mine. I told him it doesn't make one bit of difference to me either way, in the sense that it's not going to ruin our marriage if on April 27 he can't stand. More than anything I want my Dad to walk again and live a rich life on this earth, but I know God has purposes for us far beyond what we could ever imagine! His way is best and His timing is always perfect. His plan for my Dad pales in comparison to anything we could dream up. So, we'll keep "walking" by faith and trusting in Him--and leave sight-seeing to eternity.

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