Tuesday, May 08, 2007


...how time does fly! My sweetie pointed out that I should probably update this thing---my last entry said "one month to go" and we've already seen that come and go, and then some!

Our wedding was a little over a week and a half ago: April 27, Arbor Day. As far as days go, it was a beautiful one. The minute-by-minute details of the ceremony and such will likely fade in my mind with time, but there were sure some memorable moments that I will NEVER forget!

My dad received clearance from his doctors the Wednesday before the ceremony to bear FULL weight on his legs (he'd been given 100% on the left and 50% on the right up to that point), so he decided if he could do it without looking "crippled," he'd like to walk me down the aisle.

And walk we did----he used a walker and we waited at the back of the church until the very last minute for him to stand up. I told him and everyone else that I was bound I wouldn't cry on my wedding day. As soon as he stood up and we moved to the door's opening, I started bawling. :o) That was probably the greatest gift I've ever received from the Lord, 'cept the joy of knowing Him and being His! I can't put into words how I felt walking down that aisle with my dad at my side---yes, some of it I know was the excitement of getting married and of seeing D at the end (a little misty-eyed himself, mind you), but a big part of it was the exuberance of that moment---WALKING after so many months of not knowing and not being sure if it would ever happen again.

OUR GOD IS MARVELOUS---AND A GRACIOUS LOVING FATHER! He gave to me what no person could ever give; He answered our prayers in such a way that we can say with confidence, "This is of God." In the midst of dark days, many upon many, He is the giver of hope and peace and life and joy! To Him be the glory for this and all things!

More to come, but all for now!

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  1. ...and then he called the next day and said he was calling off the whole deal and that he wanted you back. :D Can't say I blame him, but I'm not returning you. God has blessed me with a good family, a wonderful wife, and in-laws who I wouldn't trade for anything. To see him work in the past days months and even years...amazes me, gives me confidence in Him on so many levels, and gives me hope and excitement for the future.