Wednesday, July 08, 2009


...I'm in the process of making the 5 & Dime Quilt from "All Washed Up." I saw a sample on display at my local fabric store and decided it was a simple enough pattern, but would let me showcase a lot of fun fabrics. I chose paisley (of course!), browns, greens, and creams --- the fabric has a great sheen to it.........and, a departure for me: shiny gold accents! I hate gold. I love this fabric. [Yes, I know --- where are the pictures? I promise, they're coming!]

Back to the whole point of this post: GUIDELINES. The pattern boasted that I could cut the fabric out in 10 minutes (hence the "dime" in the pattern title) and I suppose I came close. Then came the laying out. I'm fairly certain that took me much longer than 5 and 10! It would seem I'm a budding perfectionist. As I began laying out the fabric, I rebelled. I made my quilt shorter, skipped the "focus fabric" panels, and all of a sudden started cutting down the rows, adding borders, and (gasp) even a header. A nod to the printer in me... Suddenly "5 & Dime" became a shadow of itself. Or maybe a distant cousin, 'cause I think the new look is fabulous! I can't take credit for the cutting instructions or even the beginnings of the layout, but I'm definitely pleased with my points of departure. I am thinking of calling the final piece "Deep in the Woods" or maybe "A Tree Cedar Springs." Heheheheh... Ah, and instead of a focus fabric panel, I'm free-motion quilting BARK. Yes, me. The novice quilter is tackling free-motion quilting. And it is ever a challenge. I'm almost embarrassed to post photos. Oh. *Grin*

P.S. Do you like my signature? I'm really hoping Dan will think it's authentic -- I mean, it's about the correct SIZE, right D?


  1. hey weird.... can i come over and sew with you some time soon? :) i want to finish my quilt but at home i never have space... slash time... slash my brothers always want to do stuff with me : )

  2. Indeed it is....the font is all wrong to be mistaken for your handwriting though.