Thursday, July 23, 2009

What I've been up to... of late!

This is one block from my modifed "Crazy Eights" from Bits & Pieces. I have no idea who the designers are, but these are some of my favorite fabrics. It was difficult to cut them up! This is definitely a "keeper quilt" for V --- I couldn't bear to part with it. I started this one sometime early last year so it's been sitting around for a long time. I finished up the last 8 blocks last night and started playing around with arrangements on my "design wall" (aka, the white fleece blanket on our bed):

I'm pretty sure this is the final layout. I'm going to be adding a mottled tan/cream sashing because the "Crazy Eights" are a bit too crazy for me. I really like the fabrics and think they deserve to stand on their own!

In other realms...more progress on the Memory quilt. The 80's frump still isn't growing on me, but I can definitely tolerate it. This is the beginnings of my Lone Star. I used Fons & Porter's method from their book, "Quick Quilts from the Heart."

It has me piecing strips together and then cutting out diamond points from the resulting "fabric". I had to shrink my template quite a bit -- they wanted a 19.5" center!

And my final mischief for the day: This sad looking pile of half-square triangles from an ill-fated wedding quilt... slowly becoming a palatable mix of fun hourglasses! There are tutorials all over the web for quick and easy hour glasses. I used my brain and figured it out, thank you very much!

:::deep breath:::

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  1. Hi Valerie,

    I'm glad you put up your website on Tasty Kitchen because I want to help you with the tortillas. I have found no difference in using olive or canola oil. You use a hot dry pan at medium to high heat. You don't leave them on long at all, just until they bubble and are slightly browned on the bottom. Turn them and wait and you are done. They should be very soft. I hope this helps.

    ( I just noticed I am under my daughters google account. My email is if you have any questions.)