Friday, August 28, 2009

As promised...

...what I've been up to as of late (and yes, the pictures are late, too!)

My most recent undertaking is a quilt for a friend from the office. She and her husband recently purchased an A-frame cabin in the woods. They're still in the decorating stages, but all summer long they've had renters and guests occupying the little cottage. My quilt is a surprise, but Marilyn was quite helpful in her description. Barn red beams, various shades of sage, whitewashed pine, a deep green colored couch, a burgundy/red rocking chair, and a tweed rug on the floor. She made choosing my fabrics easy!

My inspiration for this quilt is apparently a quilt by Amy Butler from her "Little Stitches for Little Ones" book. I found this upload by Mishi2x and am working from it. My finished squares are 12"; I'm doing the red floral and green twig/leaf together in the 4-patch.

The striped blocks will be the deep green "plaid" (my favorite!), the red dash, the red dot, and when I buy more of it (have to love creating measurements out of thin air!), the green twig/leaf. I'm pretty excited!

My plan:

I really hate doing math. *grin*

As for other ventures, I finished an apron for my niece, Ella. It's her Christmas present and I'm pretty geeked about it. I started with a prompt from Sew Liberated's Montessori apron. I used her ideas for the Velcro closure and elastic neck, but departed from there. I drafted my own pattern, added the belted apron-over-the-apron (it's fully lined and then some!), and sewed a matching drawstring bag to hold cookie cutters.

I've seen child-size non-stick rolling pins at BB&B and they come in purple! I aim to cut out Cinderella (Ella's favorite princess) from another fat quarter and applique that up top. Oh, did I mention? With the exception of the purple stripe, I made the whole thing out of a 4-pack Disney fat quarter set that I snagged for $2! The purple stripe was preference for me --- this entire apron can be made from 4 fat quarters with scraps left over. I am quite pleased with myself.

This quilt is something I started for no other reason than I love the fabric. {EDIT: And, at least three of these -- the dark brown excluded -- are from Art Gallery's Botanica line. See. I'm getting better...}

Another Flickr inspiration as far as the design is concerned. took me ten minutes to (re)trace the origin of that photo! What I didn't realize before is that the inspiration is a mini quilt. I think mine is probably 4 times as large. Oh well...I liked the simple design -- and I love my fabric. I haven't decided what I'm going to do with it though, but I did pick up a brown and white reverse printed queen-size sheet at The Salvation Army last night (and neglected to photograph it) to use for the backing. I don't know what protocol is, but how can you turn your nose up at a $2 seamless quilt backing?!?!

Hmm...think that's the extent of my visual progress. I am working out the details of a quilt for my father-in-law for Christmas. He loves to sail and I'm making a quilt to fit the forward berth on the boat. It's trapezoid-shaped and I want to incorporate the marine flag alphabet. The designs are simple but definitely block-worthy, and the colors are great! I figured to start this early since the quilt itself will be an odd shape. And I definitely don't want a repeat of last year --- I was so far behind with my to do list that only a couple people actually got their gifts on Christmas day. *sigh*

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