Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I didn't fail...

...except in the photo department! I had intended on taking pictures of my weekend endeavors and here it is the middle of week with nothing {visible} to show. I completed a Disney princess apron along with a matching drawstring bag. It's a Christmas present for my niece, Ella -- the little bag holds cookie cutters and I'm going to pick up a mini purple rolling pin to complete the gift. Chalk one up for the overachiever. Last year my sewing efforts for Christmas were an abysmal failure because I waited too long to start everything. *Grin*

The August special for my local quilt shop was fat quarters --- 6 for $10. Woot! :o) I don't know what fat quarters run in other necks of the woods, but around here they're $2-2.50 each. Sadness. I love them. I couldn't turn down $1.65 so I didn't. I picked up a new line by {insert designer} that featured salmon pink, cream, and brown. I cut and sewed 4-patches for about 2 hours on Friday night. Everything's laid out on the basement floor...but I suppose you'll have to wait to see the progress.

What else? Ah. Finishing off the basement. I am excited. Nothing is happening. But it's coming. And hopefully sooner than later. Dan is considering taking on outside design work for the company he formerly worked for. It would pay well and give us a boost when it comes to having funds for {re}modeling. I guess it would be modeling, since you can't remodel something that's never been finished. We scored with free tile that was donated to the Mission -- I am happy. It's speckle-ly...and blue. I love blue. I have ideas for the basement and things I would like to see, but I'm guessing that we'll just finish it off simply. Nothing wrong with that! And I can't wait to {re}locate the TV to the lower level and {re}claim my living room. I envision bookshelves and cozy goodness. We shall see...

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