Friday, September 04, 2009

Camping... the epitome of summer for me! Granted, my "camping" and Dan's camping are at completely opposite ends of the spectrum. But that is a detail I can overlook. Our little Jayco is proving to be a very good investment. We bought it the weekend before Memorial Day last year and already it's been to Wisconsin, the UP, and parts of lower Michigan, not to mention many weekends at the lake where it's put into use as a nappin' nursery for the little ones. The couple we bought it from bought it brand new in 1996 and never went more than 30 miles from home! I can't believe that -- we camp all over the place.

We're trekking up to Hoeft State Park (Rogers City) this weekend for one last summer hurrah. I'm excited. I have excellent meals planned. I stayed up late to prep most of my ingredients so I'll be doing less cooking and more camping and fun-having. The menu -- yum, yum! We're having venison tips and noodles (Dan bagged his first doe last fall and we've been living high on the {venison} hog ever since); homemade pigs in a blanket, venison sausage, chicken & wild rice soup, pasties (gotta do something to please that Yooper husband of mine!), and pork stir-fry. Don't worry, I tossed in sh'more fixings and hotdogs, too. And bacon. Yes, Dan, I put the bacon in the fridge. As if he'd let me forget bacon!

Our bikes are strapped on the back of the camper. My kite is in the storage boot. And I have a foot-high stack of books just begging to be read. I am ready for one long weekend away from home...


  1. hope it was amazing :) i know we had good weather down here :) want to hang out sometime? i need motivation slash help to finish my squares. :)

  2. It's spelled (and pronounced) S'more.....not Sh'more. :o)