Thursday, September 17, 2009

Keeping up...

...with the Hendricksons! ;o)

Since Labor Day it's been non-stop around our house. Dan has taken on some outside work for SSC to help "fund" our little {re}model project over the winter. He's pulling third shift production next week to test a belting machine, which means he misses Humphrey Bogart in The Maltese Falcon at Celebrating the Classics AND a night at the symphony with James Bond. I am sorrowful for him -- I wish he could go! I shall try to carry on in his absence...

Last week Wednesday we had our carnival kick-off for Olympian club. Amber and I manned the face painting station. Fun, fun, fun! My mum was calling the shots for the cake walk; dad was dishing out sno-cones; and Dan helped the tykes "Shoot the Moon" with the comet toss. We had a great turnout, and lots of families, too. The bummer part: this week was our first official night of regular club and numbers were really down. They all come for the "fun" stuff, but attendance seems to dovetail for the things that really matter. I shall try not to be disappointed! I am working with third and fourth grade girls this year. A first for me! I typically teach first and second grade, so this shall be a learning curve, thinks me. I'm excited! *grin*

Haven't done much sewing as of late -- but I'm lining my projects up for when I get some free time. I'm going to be making Lisa an apron of her choice, finising up the quilting on the "A Tree Cedar Springs", sashing my Crazy Eights, salvaging Marilyn's cabin quilt {my great idea doesn't so look great on a large scale. I'm going to do some "chopsticks" on the panel blocks), and tonight, I'm joining the Tabitha Club to learn how to crochet. I'd like to learn how to do it so I can make something like this. I can envision all sorts of fun color combinations and uses. Chalk up another one for the excitement department!

Beyond that, doing well. And how! *grin*

p.s. Almost forgot! Dane's quilt...I need to have that finished by Saturday. We're having a graduation celebration for my cousin Austin and I have a sneaking suspicion Alison, Brian, and Dane will be showing up. I'd like to present them with a finished quilt. I'm in a pickle!

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