Monday, November 02, 2009

Putting one foot... front of the other! I did indeed make progress on my Hope Squared quilts this weekend, but not quite as much as I was aiming for. Friday night was my "big" push -- Saturday, well, I didn't exactly stick to task and Sunday I forgot about Daylight Savings Time which made my whole day feel like a wash. We were up an hour earlier than need be which meant for once we were more than just "on time" for church (not a bad thing in the least!), but I was lazy the whole rest of the day. I napped and read books.  *grin*

I strip-pieced some of the blocks for the "Framed Rectangle" quilt -- I refuse to admit how much bad math I did, but sufficive to say, I have a few new scraps for my collection. I worked mainly on the smaller rectangles and realized I goofed in my drawing. The big rectangles have three concentric loops; the small, just two. Up to this point I was making the smaller rectangles mimic the larger ones. It looked cool. But I didn't cut my pieces to reflect my end goal. Heheheh...

I am just mad about this fabric --- I found it on the 30% table at Smith-Owen and had to have it. The colors are so vibrant...they look great with the Kona cottons I picked up on sale, too. Have to love when that happens!

The monster "mouths" are the inspiration for the eventual quilting I'll do on the front. I'd like to include some zig-zagging, and maybe some blanket stitching, too. Hopefully I'll be able to wrap this one up by mid-week so I can get to working on the butterflies.

Can you see the sparkles? Probably my favorite part! Buying this fabric surprised me because I'm not a butterfly fan in the least --- just ask my husband. I think my reaction to them borderlines on "terrified"; I hate their irradict patterns of flight and the fact that they always seem to go for your head.  *grin*  But, the mix of pastels with full-on color sort of won me over. And besides, most young girls these days like 'em and that's who this quilt is for!

I mentioned using all solids with the butterflies in my original post, forgetting all about that sweet polka dot print! I love it heaps and heaps! It wasn't in the same fabric family, but the colors are spot on. I'm excited about the print and think it will break up the solid bands a bit --- perhaps help to make my block less predictable. I am fast-loving strip quilting. I don't know if it's quicker to do this way or not, but it works for me. Hopefully I'll get to cutting these up tomorrow night during NCIS!

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