Friday, October 30, 2009

Busy, busy, busy....

At least, I hope I will be! I'm jumping in this weekend on my "Hope Squared" quilts for Margaret's Hope Chest. They're due by the 15th of November and I suppose you could say I'm a bit behind. I've had most of my fabrics picked out since I first read about MHC's collaboration with Craft Hope. Last night I sat up in bed going through my binder(s) of patterns and inspiration. I finally settled on three different approaches and "drafted" them in Corel this morning.

My first choice is "Framed Rectangles" by Mary of Mary Quilts! I can't decide which layout I like better -- the long and narrow would let me keep my backing fabric in one piece. The short and squatty version looks better proportioned, if that's possible. *grin*

My backing fabric is a super cute "Happy Monster" print with smiling, non-frightening cartoon versions of Frankenstein's Monster. I found it on the clearance table at Smith-Owen last night. Solids on the front, as shown. I think Mary is a dear to provide so many neat quilt patterns for free! If you haven't visited her site, do...

My number 2 quilt came from this quilt by My2Pixies --- only after figuring out my block size and cut piece measurements, and drafting a color layout did I discover that Ms. P made her quilt using Atkinson Design's "Happy Hour" book. *Sigh* I'm pleased I was able to figure out a pattern based on her picture, but won't go claiming originality much beyond that. I do have a couple shortcuts in mind for how I'm going to piece things, but I don't think I'll share 'em in case I step on somebody's toes. In light of my super sleuthing, I ought to call my version "Turnabout (is Fair Play)" but I won't...  ;o)

And last but not least, my inspiration for this one comes from the duo of Sarah & Donna over at Kindred Crafters. I'm not sure which, but one of these gals posted a quilt called "Making It Work" --- and I loved the look! My version is going to feature a butterfly print with pastels... Corel isn't exactly EQ so I didn't have much choice when it came to "fabric" fills. Heheheh... And, I won't be going the route of a rainbow; I bought three pastels to go with the butterflies (purple, pink, and green) but didn't have a pattern in mind at that point.

I'm excited! I think when the tops come together they're going to look smashing! The "Framed Rectangles" is my favorite thus far --- I've never done a quilt top with NO print in sight on the front. I can't wait to see it finished.

p.s. Every time I look at my version of "Framed Rectangles" I think of the opening credits for Monsters, Inc. Probably doesn't help that the colors are so simliar to Mike and Sully. Hehehehe -- I know what I'll be watching tonight while cutting fabric! *grin*

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