Thursday, January 07, 2010

I'm in...

...and SO excited! I joined my first online swap and though nervous because I generally avoid connecting on the internet like the plague, I'm also giddy about the whole idea!

Rachel of P.S. I Quilt has organized a Modern Siggy Swap --- a swap of signature blocks that only use 'modern' designer fabric. I have a couple of Arcadia by Sanae charm packs at home and I was really, really hoping Rachel would do a block small enough that I could use the charms. I saw some siggy blocks that called for 2.5-inch squares --- that'd be the accent fabric on two siggies! And, Rachel delivered...  Her tutorial isn't much different than others I've seen on the web, but she did illustrate with plenty of pictures. *grin* I have 101 blocks to make and sign by March 1st -- 99 for other quilters, 1 for me, and 1 for a charity quilt.

To help myself along, I made up a little template for the signature part. I'm geeked to use it --- I love my handwriting but am thinking winging it for 101 blocks might be too risky. I want to make sure my name and city/state are centered on the blocks and look good --- all I have to do now is trace!

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  1. Ooo; I'm in this swap, too! Just waiting until my squares arrive...