Friday, January 08, 2010

Siggy Block Layouts...

...all told, when the Modern Siggy Swap is over I'll have 99 signature blocks from other quilters + the one I make. I played around today with several layouts. None of them yield a particularly large quilt {a 3" finished block will do that to you} but with borders and such I could go bigger if I wanted. The thought of quilting all those inches, though, is usually encouragement enough to keep it small. *grin* 

Here's what I came up with as layout possibilities:

1. "X Marks the Spot" -- 12 rows of 8 blocks + 1 "X" to piece into the back. Measures 24"x36" without borders.

2. "Circle the Wagons" -- 10 rows of 10. Measures 30" square.

3. "The Lost Sheep" -- 11 rows of 9 blocks = 99 sheep + 1 lost sheep for the back. Measures 27"x33" without borders. When putting this one together I ended up with an "odd duck." It reminded me of Jesus' parable of the lost sheep from Luke 15. A shepherd had 100 sheep and lost one. He left his other sheep safe in the fold and went in search of the one who had wandered away. When he found it, he hoisted it up on his shoulders and took it home with great joy. Jesus said God is the same --- there is MUCH rejoicing in heaven over a "lost sheep" who repents and is brought back to the fold.

4. "Fast Forward" -- 10 rows of 10; measures 30" square.

5. "Dizzy Squares" -- 10 rows of 10 blocks; 30" square. I saw a doll quilt by Darlene Zimmerman that is similar, and another take on All People Quilt that shares the broken lines quality.

6. "Zig Zags" -- 10 rows of 10; measures 30" square. Not a true zig-zag, but close enough.

7. "Centrifugal Force" -- 10 rows of 10; measures 30" square. One of the note-worthy moments in my driver's training was when my instructor endeavored to explain the difference between "centrifical" and centrifugal forces on a car. This, Uncle Bob of A++, is for you...and it's centriPETAL force, by the way.  *grin*

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