Monday, February 22, 2010

A crazy finish...

...and I love it! I really liked the movement of the "Crazy 9-Patch Lattice" Quilt that Oh, Fransson! posted a couple weeks ago. I had a baby shower coming up for a family friend who's had a difficult and emotional pregnancy---and figured something handmade was in order. I found a white/pink/green/yellow floral in my stash and happened upon a $1.50 fat quarter sale at my favorite quilting shop! Sweet, sweet...

My lattice is a 5x5 grid, and I started with 10" squares that squared up to 8.5". The "stack 'n whack" method Elizabeth demonstrates is not only super quick and easy, but very satisfying---9 different blocks in 30 minutes of sewing time + cutting and pressing. My kind of quilting, for sure! The backing is a neat zig-zag from Heather Bailey's "Pop Garden" line. Every color in my quilt is in the often does that happen??

I machine pieced, quilted, and bound this little one (about 40" square after washing) and it was my first time using spray basting. I like it! I don't like pins! I think I'll stick with the spray-on adhesive from here on out!  *grin*  I quilted meandering horizontal and vertical lines that mimic the 9-patch blocks. But only because I'm not really good at stippling. And I didn't think straight-line quilting suited a crazy block. Turned out pretty cute!

I bound it with scraps and it worked out perfectly to use one band of each print! I love it when math cooperates... This is my first finish of 2010---off to a pretty good start, thinks me.


  1. so pretty! :-D And,congrats on finishing! : -)

  2. What an adorable quilt! The colors are great! I love basting spray too; my favorite is 505 Spray and Fix. I'm going to have to try this crazy nine-patch. I'm into quick!