Friday, March 05, 2010


...forgot to post this!  *grin*  I did a quick finish on my "A Tree Grows in Cedar" from way back last summer. I ripped out all the yucky free motion quilting I attempted to do and went instead with a neat-neat crosshatch design using painter's tape. It took me about 3 hours to tape and quilt, but it was well worth it!

The D is my hand-y man --- he's always such a good sport. The quilt is a modification of the "5 & Dime" by All Washed Up. I slimmed down the outside rows so my quilt would fit width-wise on a 45" cut of fabric, added the border of green, and also tacked on the brown header/footer. My slim pickin's were pieced into the back --- this is the closest I've ever gotten to piecing a coin quilt.

Not only did I redo my original quilting, but I also reassigned where this quilt was going. Instead of being a "keeper" for me, I decided {upon prompting from my mum} to finish it off for my dad's cousin, Gale, who celebrated her 60th birthday this past Sunday. Mom really wanted to give Gale something handmade, so she asked if I had any quilts in progress that weren't already intended for something or someone else.

The quilting is my favorite part, and my second favorite is the label.

I put together a brief tutorial on my flickr page, if you're interested. It's simple but looks pretty neat when finished off.

It feels good to finish TWO quilts inside of TWO weeks. I hate to admit it, but that's more finishes quilt-wise than I had overall in 2009. I started a lot of quilts, but didn't wrap any of them up. *grin*

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