Friday, March 26, 2010

All wrapped up... my very own skirt! We leave for Israel in just over a week and one of the requirements for the trip is a long skirt (for when we visit some of the religious sites). I decided to take a shot at making one and was delighted to find Angie's formula for the perfect fitting wrap skirt. It's based on waist measurements and percentages thereof. The wrap itself has an A-line shape that isn't too fitted and isn't too loose. Looks nice all around. I chose a light-weight gray linen and ended up (due to dumb math and forgetting a seam allowance) adding in a panel of Amy Butler's Lotus. I love dumb math!

Forgive the crummy quality of the pictures. No flash, in the bedroom with the blinds closed, in a hurry, and on top of that I haven't dusted the mirror in months.  *grin* I originally snapped these on the fly for Jamanda.... I told her I'd send 'em her way so she could see how my skirt turned out. We're both going to Israel and she needs something "modest" too!

I couldn't decide if I wanted a peek of the Amy Butler "Lotus" or a full-on assault, so I modified the wrap so I could go either way. I skipped the buttonholes (well, that's a lie --- there are buttonholes on this skirt, but they are also covered up with belt loops...which I also ended up not using but didn't bother to remove) and cross the ties in front, around my back, and again to the front before tying, sort of like chefs do with their aprons. Don't tell the D, but I arbitrarily added the buttonholes despite his warning not to. More often than not he's right in these reason to go and give him a big head about it, though.  *grin* 

I cut my ties 1.5 inches wide by 2 inches longer than the overall length of my skirt. I folded them in half and stitched a 1/4-inch seam down the length, angling 45 degrees toward the fold when I got near one end. Just to give my ties a little real need to do it that way. I turned things right-side out, inserted the raw edge of the tie into the channel of the skirt (that was originally intended to receive a ribbon tie), and stitched it down 4 or 5 times to secure. Simple and quick!

I also have a hat in the works, plus cutting up a million (I think it just seems that way) squares for my take-along hexagon project. Yup, English paper-piecing on an airplane --- I need to remember my book light!

p.s. The TSA says I can bring pointy metal scissors with blades shorter than 4-inches in both my carry-on and checked baggage. I am geeked because I really didn't want to cut thread with my teeth for 13 hours! No mention about sewing needles, but I can't imagine I'll get much grief over them if they're going to let me bring scissors.  *grin*


  1. re:sewing needles: as part of a "needlework/embroidery project," they should be fine. i'm going to be sewing my ties for my pillowcase dresses.... allllll the way there. or less. :)

    what kina of hat you makin?

  2. so.... my skirt looks stupid and i am going to bring my jean skirt instead. and maybe another one from like a thrift store or something. : ) meh! but i AM making some pj pants with my entomology material that i got out of my drawer after being sealed in (due to humidity!!) for a few years. yay!